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    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia displayed on Friday on a screen in Moscow as he addressed the sham annexation of four regions of Ukraine.
    CreditAlexander Nemenov/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    In Washington, Putin’s Nuclear Threats Stir Growing Alarm

    In a gathering Cold War atmosphere, American officials are gaming out responses should Russia resort to battlefield nuclear weapons.

    By David E. Sanger, Anton Troianovski and

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      Tristan Stout, 22, surveying the damage to his father’s boat after it was moved across the street on San Carlos Island in Fort Myers Beach.
      CreditJason Andrew for The New York Times

      Facing a Dire Storm Forecast in Florida, Officials Delayed Evacuation

      A day of hesitation in Lee County came despite warnings that the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area could see mass flooding. Now authorities are encountering mass death.

      By Frances Robles, Mike Baker, Serge F. Kovaleski and

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      The Americans released by Venezuela included several executives of the Citgo oil refining company, who had been detained more than four years ago.
      CreditJorge Arreaza, via Associated Press

      American Prisoners Are Released From Venezuela and Iran

      Caracas freed seven Americans in a trade for two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady who had been convicted on drug charges. Separately, Tehran released its longest-held American captive.

      By Michael D. Shear and




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