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    CreditBidel et al.

    How to Hunt Like an Octopus

    High-speed video recordings reveal that the cephalopod’s eight arms aren’t moving randomly when they go in for the kill.


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    Sulfur-crested cockatoos enjoying a feast in Sydney, Australia.
    CreditKen Griffiths/Alamy

    How a Garbage-Bin War Schools Humans and Birds

    Sulfur-crested cockatoos are trash-can bandits in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Humans use tools to protect their bins, and the birds then go the extra mile to break in.


Climate and Environment

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    CreditThe New York Times

    How Hurricane Ian Became So Powerful

    Sea surface temperature data shows how warm ocean water near Florida fueled the storm to become one of the most powerful to strike the United States in the past decade.

    By Elena Shao, Nadja Popovich and