Commenting FAQs

Can I edit my comment?

You can edit a comment for five minutes after it is first posted. The Edit button will appear beside the comment. After five minutes you can no longer change the comment and the Edit button will vanish.

What should I do about an offensive comment?

If you see a comment you consider offensive, promotional, or off topic, please let our moderators know by clicking the Flag button beside the comment. It will then be reviewed by our moderators. It will not vanish right away. The moderators will review the comment against our guidelines and decide if they need to remove the comment.

Do the moderators edit comments?

No, the moderators do not edit comments. A comment may be removed if it breaches our guidelines, but comments will not be changed.

Why was my comment removed?

Comments are removed if they are reported and moderators decide they breach our guidelines. The moderator's decision is subjective but final.

Can I see all my past comments?

No, there is presently no way to see the history of all the comments you have posted.

Can I remove a comment I made?

Yes, you can delete individual comments you have posted. The Delete button will appear beside each of your comments.

Why can’t I comment on some articles?

We aim to open comments on most articles. However some subjects pose a legal risk if comments are available, and some subjects may be avoided if they are especially likely to generate abusive comments.

Do you delete criticism of the Telegraph?

No. You’re welcome to criticise our arguments, point out oversights and suggest things that you think we haven’t considered. We know that our readers are very knowledgeable and that is something we value very highly. However, personal abuse – directed at our journalists, our readers or anyone else – is not tolerated and will be removed. Any criticism should relate to the article.